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Co-operative Conversations

The Livestream Series

How did some of Australia's leading farmers, growers and producers transform their businesses and communities out of crisis by working together?

In challenging times, co-operative farming is strengthening farming businesses and communities all over Australia, giving them a competitive advantage and market power by scaling, collaborating and innovating.

In a brand new and unique livestream series, we speak frankly with farmers who are successfully using co-operative farming business models. Through their stories and real life experiences (warts and all), you will learn how relevant and positive it can be to the farming model and farming in general, and how it literally changes lives.

If you have been considering joining, growing or starting a co-operative, this series will give you all you need to know about co-operative models from the people who have done it and are living it every day.

There are also a number of frequently asked questions which may help guide you. You can find out more about the Co-operative Farming project online or call the hotline.

All episodes are available to watch online

Episode List

The ten-episode series showcases candid conversations with Australia’s farming frontline.

6.30pm: Intimate Interviews

The Farmers Tell Their Stories

Each livestream event will start with an interview with a farmer, grower or producer from around Australia. We explore why and how their Co-operative was formed, the trials and tribulations along the way - and the key learnings from their journey.

8.15pm: Round Tables

Meet The Experts

We then delve deeper into their experience through an educational series of interesting roundtables, with experts and other co-operatives. We explore different aspects of the co-operative business models and where they do and don’t succeed.

Each session is followed by an interactive Q&A where you can ask the team your questions from home.