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Episode 9 Part 2: Roundtable

Buying together to benefit members and communities - A roundtable discussion

AIRDATE: 14 Oct 2020 7:45pm AEST (approx 60 mins)

Buying together to benefit members and communities

This roundtable examines group buying and how co-ops add value and provide services through innovation and understanding their members, their customers and their communities. Our panelists are drawn from businesses that who have successfully harnessed the power of their members to collaboratively purchase and/or supply food, agricultural products and related services.

Instead of relying on or being dictated to by others, discover how they have created their own supply chain, by using collective buying to benefit a group. Pooling money and resources to create bigger opportunities helps to support their members and agricultural businesses with key inputs at better prices, delivering greater value and leading to increased profits and sustainability.

The power of collaboration can also be turned to ethically sourcing and procurement goods and services form the local community which is another way a co-operative creates value and generates local economic development. Co-operatives act as anchor businesses in a community, sustaining social and economic health for the long term.

Our panelists bring a wealth of practical business leadership skills within co-operatives. There are lynchpins within their local communities.

Join us to find out how these co-ops got started, how they evolved, reaching consensus, establishing community engagement and support, in order to grow and prosper.


Episode Host

Pete Lewis

Join Pete Lewis for an inspiring interview series as he explores the journeys of some of Australia’s most interesting and successful co-operatives. Pete’s long and varied experience as a journalist specialising in agriculture will ensure he gets to the heart of the issues you want to hear about.

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